Identity: Eating the Fruit of the Future

October 1, 2017

In Joshua 5 the Israelites eat the fruit of Cannan before they live in Cannan. When we live into our heavenly identities we do the same thing; we experience our inheritance here and now. In this message Alex Rettmann kicks off the vision series with a talk on the most important part of your identity: your ability to believe the gospel message that you are no longer a sinner, but when you are in Christ, you have become a saint.


Character Like Christ: Courage

September 26, 2017

Courage is the pinnacle of character, because it is the ability to be the same in character in the face of any kind of opposition. Join us as Alex Rettmann talks about how we get courageous in our lives. 


Character like Christ: Hard working

September 14, 2017

For our character to be like his, perseverance and hard work are important to our representing the king, and seeing the kingdom expand. Join us as Lizzie teaches on the importance of this character trait. 


Character like Christ: Faithful

September 2, 2017

Join us as one of our highschool leaders, Maddy Rotzien, preaches for the first time on the faithfulness of God in her life!


Character like Christ: Compassion

August 26, 2017

We are starting a new series on the Character of Christ becoming our own, and how having our character like His enables us to correctly reign in life like we were intended from the beggining. 


Join Us as Alex Rettmann starts the series on the compassion of Christ. 


When Heaven Invades Earth: People Prophesy

July 7, 2017

The Prophet Joel spoke of a time when all people with the Spirit of God would prophesy. Prophesy has the ability to change a reality for someone, and flip situations that are ownd by the Kingdom of darkness into a place where the kingdom of God is dominant. Join us as Alex rettmann shares about what prophecie's place in the people of God is. 


When Heaven Invades Earth: God is Good

July 6, 2017

The cornerstone of all Christian theology is the goodness of God. God is good, and his goodness leads us to give more and more to Him. Join us as Lizzie Ng speaks on God atually being good in our everyday lives. 


When Heaven Invades Earth: Healing

July 6, 2017

When heaven invades earth signs and wonders become normal. The life of Jesus; healing, casting out of the demonic, prophetic words and acts all become normative for the life of someone who is in Christ. Join us as Noah Wecks shows that the miracles of Jesus were never meant to stop with his life, but continue and increase in ours as well. 


When Heaven Invades Earth: Change Your Mind

June 18, 2017

When you live only with the possabilities of whats normal to people who dont have the Spirit of God it is impossible to get all of what God has for you. In this teaching Alex Rettmann looks at What happens when you start thinking with a heavenly mindset, and how the way you think can change everything. 


The Church: Gather, Scatter, Serve, Give

June 13, 2017

Jesus shaped his church around gathering together, scattering like salt in the world, living as servants, and being generous. Join us as Lizzie Ng talks about Bridgetown's strategy to being the church here in Portland specifically.